Best Practices

Best Practice I

Creation of the College Website on its own.

To create the College website as per the guidelines issued by the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, Andhra Pradesh (APCCE)

Every college is supposed to have its own dynamic website. But to create and maintain a website for our college is burdensome providing the availability of the limited college's resources. This was a problematic situation for our college whether to allocate the limited resources for the basic needs of the college such as providing the facility at least to sit the students or spare that valuable money to the vendor who create the website for our college.

Against the said context, the college found a way out and decided not to spare the valueable money on creation of college website, instead create website for college by its own resources.  The task of creation of website was assigned to M Krishna Chaitanya, Lecturer in History who created website with assistance from all other faculty. Its actually a practice that is being done in many colleges but how it become a best practice for our college is that the website is created and maintained by the staff of our college who are not from the Computer Science/Application background but learnt on their own and extended their assistance when the college is need.

The college is now having its own website created by its own resources i.e. faculty who are not from Computer Science background. 

Best Practice II

Engaging itself with the local community and procuring basic requirements of the college through donations.

To engage in the local community and create awareness among them the importance of the college

To procure basic needs of the college from the local community by way of donations.

GDC, Eluru was established in 2008 and functioning in the campus of Govt Junior College, Eluru sharing its buildings and infrastructure. But the problem is that the college is not having its own building infrastructure. Very limited infrastructure and resources are available to accommodate the students.

The college has engaged itself in the local community by participating and organizing awareness programs under Community Service Project, blood donatioin programs, arranging interactions with intellectuals of various fields from around the city and by participating in games and sports activities etc. This way the college could imprint an impression in the local community in such a way that there is potential growth for the college if it is pushed up by providing certain facilities. From the management side of the college , a committe was appointed  involving staff and students to identify philanthropists, discuss with them on the  infrastructural facilities of the college and  convince them to extend their hand for the benefit of the students pursuing their studies in the college.

WIth the efforts made from time to time by the management of the college, the college could procure certain basic requirements of the college. To note few of them

These are some of the evidences of success of attempts to procure minimum facilities to the college by way of donations.